One of the common issues clients approach us (wpcustomersupports) with is “No shipping methods were found error” in their WooCommerce store when a customer tries to checkout.

And the most important aspects of a WooCommerce store is shipping! Shipping is the process through which a product is delivered from you to the buyer. WooCommerce allows you to put up some complex and particular criteria to ensure that you’re providing the proper selections at the correct costs.

What are the Reasons for WooCommerce There Are No Shipping Methods Available?

There are multiple reasons why this error could happen. The most common reasons include:

  • Shipping carrier account configuration issues
  • Products with no weight and dimensions
  • No shipping method added to the shipping zone
  • Shipping service not available for the address
  • Incorrect shipping address entered by the customer

In this blog , we will guide you through some of the basic reason for the error to occur as well as their possible solutions.

No method of shipping for the shipping zone

WooCommerce will not display shipping procedures on the checkout page if the shipping address falls into a shipping area without shipping methods.

If you create shipping zone, you must:

  • Give the shipping area a name.
  • Select regions (continents/countries/state)
  • Add a Shipping zone mechanism

How to Fix?

  • First of all login to your WordPress Dashboard.
  • WooCommerce > Settings.
  • Now, choose shipping tabs.
  • Click on the Edit to open the shipping area settings section.

Here , at least one method of shipment is added and enabled in the Shipping method option.

You can add multiple methods and enable them if you want.